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About Painters

For a professional finish, and obtaining expert advice regarding special effects and finishes, hiring the services of an expert painting contractor is often a wise decision. They can get the job done efficiently and the finished product is long lasting quality that may be difficult to replicate yourself.

Getting in a professional painter offers you the following benefits:

  • Takes advantage of their skill and precision
  • Makes use of special techniques
  • Ensures a professional and long lasting finish
  • Saves you time and energy
  • Avoid dangers (such as using ladders and scaffolding)

Some things to keep in mind:

Experience and technique really make a different. Professional painters achieve great long lasting results by using a number of tricks and techniques. They use different types of paint and application products to come up with the desired effect. These are customised based on the situation and what you have asked for as a customer.

Ask for references, and don’t hesitate to check them out.  Being able to see examples of a painters work and hear first hand from people who have employed their services is one of the best ways to obtain honest and unbiased feedback about their satisfaction with their work.  If you visit another home to view samples of their previous work, it can help you make up your own mind.

Pay attention to areas of detail for an indication of workmanship  These are often most noticable in areas where the wall is cut in around windows and doors, as well as the trims and edges. With exterior painting jobs you can check concrete, roofing and plantings for any sort of damage and/or spattering.  The same goes for interior surfaces, check flooring and furniture for damage or splattering.

Being comfortable with the manner of trades people is also important because you want to feel comfortable having them in and around your home.  You need to have confidence in their approach and professionalism, and be able to feel free to ask questions before, during and after the job is completed.  You want to have trust in their ability and knowledge that they are on schedule. To get a feel for their attitude you could ask them for their ideas about how they would approach your job. They can suggest to you what types of materials and techniques would they use, and their reasons behind it. 

When you obtain a quote, it is important to ensure that you have a complete estimate. This may include tasks to be completed and describing materials that will be used.  They will also need to factor in things such as surface preparation, priming and primer, filling and attention to cracks where required. Some painters may also offer some kind of guarantee on the painting job depending on what and where it is.

Always ensure that you receive confirmation of your quote in writing so that you have no misunderstanding when it comes time receive the final bill and make payment. 

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