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Painting tips

Planning your painting or decorating job:

  • Define your design plan
    Make sure what colors you want in the rooms, or exterior. Provide painters and decorators the right color codes so no mistake is made.
  • Find a painter or decorator and request free estimates to compare prices.
  • Clean your rooms and walls
    Clean your walls and remove wallpaper for fresh paint or a new wallpaper.
  • Wallpaper removal tools and materials:
    - Electric steamer
    - Utility knife (razor blade)
    - Taping knife (wall scraper)
    - Protective goggles
    - Rubber gloves
    - Heavy-duty detergent
    - Large sponge
    - Patience
  • Fill old cracks and holes.
  • Remove furniture
    Remove all the furniture in the rooms of your house, or cover them by large sheets if they are not in the way of the painters & decorators.
  • Stain handeling
    Stains on walls should be removed as soon as possible to prevent a reaction between the stain and the wallpaper.
    Some stains can be removed with a mild soap and warm water.
  • Clean painted surfaces with water and mild detergent (such as hand dishwashing liquid), or a mild household cleaner, that says on label is safe for painted surfaces.
  • Always rinse after using soap.

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